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How to Download Twitter Accounts to Excel

BirdIQ Desktop 1.6 is now available for download and includes a new Accounts tab that lets you export Twitter accounts to Excel.

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Sentiment Analysis Tools for Your Marketing and Research Projects

Sentiment analysis allows you to automatically determine people’s attitude towards a subject based on what they are saying. It has become an essential tool if your role includes customer happiness or marketing. Instead of counting the number of times your organization’s name is mentioned on social media, you can take it a step further. With sentiment analysis, you can analyze the writer’s opinion about your brand, content, and products. Here are 32 tools you can use in your sentiment analysis projects.

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8 Tools For Tracking Hashtags

Hashtags have become very important as they provide an incredible approach to discover, organize and connect with people on the web. There are literally millions of discussions on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram around hashtags. Hashtag tracking tools provide users with data on the discussions around specific hashtags, the people engaged in discussions, and the sentiments expressed about brands, products, and topics. Let’s look at 8 tools for tracking hashtags that you should be aware of in 2017.

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25 Data Visualization Tools For 2017

Data visualization tools help you take raw data and present it in a wide variety of visual formats. Presenting data visually brings out patterns that are otherwise hard to find. Visualization tools also bring the added benefit of allowing users to interact with the data, drill down from a high-level into the details, and play what-if scenarios.

The large number of data visualization software on the market can seem overwhelming when you’re on the hunt.  We’ve gathered 25 visualization tools you should look at this year in order to make your search easier.

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