8 Tools For Tracking Hashtags

Hashtags have become very important as they provide an incredible approach to discover, organize and connect with people on the web. There are literally millions of discussions on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram around hashtags. Hashtag tracking tools provide users with data on the discussions around specific hashtags, the people engaged in discussions, and the sentiments expressed about brands, products, and topics. Let’s look at 8 tools for tracking hashtags that you should be aware of in 2017.

1. Talkwalker

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TalkWalker gives users the ability to track hashtag campaigns running on websites and social networks. This hashtag tracking tool also provides extensive analysis of the results in over 100 languages. You can track sentiment levels, the number of likes, engagement levels, and reactions. It also offers an image recognition feature to track logos and other images, as well as social channel analytics and virality map. TalkWalker offers a customisable dashboard. Its results are easy to understand and are presented in ready-to-share formats including PowerPoint, Word, PDF, and Excel. Its hashtag Theme Cloud feature can help you track top performing hashtags. Paid plans start at $8,400/year.


2. BirdIQ

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BirdIQ exports your Twitter searches to Excel. It’s our own tool, so we’re a little biased. The online version is free and exports 100 tweets or followers at a time. The desktop version has no limits and includes bulk searches on multiple keywords, phrases, hashtags, and users. Both versions can find tweets up to 7 days old and both return dozens of columns for each tweet or follower. Both also provide a summary of the top hashtags, mentions, URLs, users, favourites, locations, and retweets in a single Excel document.  The desktop version can also capture tweets in real-time as the occur.  The online version is free and the desktop version is available for a one-time purchase of $199.


3. KeyHole.co

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KeyHole.co is a real-time hashtag tracker for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. It shows the number of people that interacted with your hashtag, the number of retweets, the number of likes, and the impressions your campaign is generating. You can also track the most influential people discussing your brand and reach out to them. You can share the link of your dashboard or download results in printable PDF and Excel documents. Apart from hashtags, you can also track keywords, brand names, and your competition. Keyhole.co plans start at $165/month and offer a 3-day free trial.


4. Socialert

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Socialert provides an easy way for users to track hashtags and keywords, find out what’s happening in an industry, and also gather competitive intelligence. This hashtag tracking tool helps users discover influencers and engage with them. All monthly plans on Socialert come with influencer ranking, spreadsheet reports, and daily email digest. Socialert plans start at $9.95/month and come with a 3-day trial.


5. Tagboard

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Tagboard offers a quick way to get content from the major social media platforms, which you can convert into displays for live broadcasts, venue screens, and web displays. Aside from being used for tracking hashtags, this tool also offers you the ability to moderate discussions as well as interact with users. You can also remove or promote posts using keyword filters. Tagboard starts at $99/month and offers a free demo.


6. Brand24

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Brand24 sends notifications in real-time whenever a hashtag or brand is mentioned anywhere online. This tool used for tracking hashtags also comes with a search feature which helps you filter results to see top priority mentions. It shows discussion volume charts, and sorts results based on reach, the number of mentions, influencers, sentiments, and other measures. Brand24 plans start at $49/month and offer a 14-day free trial.


7. HootSuite

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HootSuite connects users with over 35 social networks from one dashboard. This hashtag tracking tool can help users gauge the sentiments around a brand, and filter results by gender, location, and language. Hootsuite instantly notifies users once there is an unusual spike in the volume of discussions, sentiments or other measures. This tool also present search results in a compelling and easy-to-understand graphics, and in over 50 languages. Hootsuite’s Conversation Map feature helps users see the most commonly used words and phrases related to their search. Their paid plans start at $19/month after a 30-day trial.


8. Twubs

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Twubs enables users to track a hashtag and display tweets around it on screen with its “tweet-to-screen” feature. Aside from tracking hashtags, this tool also helps users register hashtags, schedule reports for upcoming campaigns, and perform content moderation. Twubs has widgets that users can embed on websites. Users can register up to 20 hashtags for free. Paid plans start at $199/month and come with a 30-day free trial.  


There you go! Eight hashtag tracking tools for 2017. If there are other tools you have tried and found really useful, please share your thoughts and experiences in the comment section below.

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